We provide versatile tombstone services throughout the Pohjanmaa region

We design and sell new tombstones. At our office, you can see different stone models,  colours and decorations, and you get a 3D- plan of the tombstone to be made.

We also take care of tombstone carvings, gilding, washing, restorations, corrections and transfers.

Comprehensive and flexible tombstone design

Our tombstone design is usually begun based on the customer’s own ideas. Many have a clear idea in mind as to what kind of tombstone is best for their loved one. Sometimes the deceased himself has expressed his wishes before his passing.

If you don’t have a ready-made plan, you can get ideas for tombstones from the cemetery. Once we know what kind of model and material to start with, we design and create the tombstone from scratch.

We have a design tool to help you get a clear overview of the outcome before implementation. You can see what we designed at our office, modelled on a screen. If the result does not satisfy you, the plan can be changed.

A well-made tombstone remains elegant and beautiful for years to come.

Photos from our tombstone store