Coffins and urns

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From us, you will find a comprehensive selection of coffins and urns. Our selection includes, for example, SHT's high-quality domestic coffins and urns.

By favoring our urns and coffins, you favor domestic work.

SHT uses high-quality old pinewood from the Punkalaidun area.

Have a look at the different models on this page. We will be happy to tell you more about the models at our Vaasa city centre office or you can call us for more information.

We provide coffins and urns that honour the memory of your loved ones in the best possible way. Tell us about your wishes and budget, and we will be happy to help you choose the right urn or coffin.

Our coffins and urns

Both coffins and urns are nowadays available in a wide range of different designs. We

provide coffins and urns that honour the memory of your loved one.

Through us, you get SHT's domestic, responsibly manufactured and high-quality coffins and
urns. The ecology of the coffin and urn is important for clean decaying, which is why natural materials are used in coffins and urns.

We will be happy to tell you more about the different options, so contact our funeral home
for more information or help choosing a coffin or urn.

A range of coffins and urns

SHT produces the coffins themselves from start to finish. The exteriors can be either wood or fabric. The most used type of wood is pinewood, which is known from the Finnish handicraft tradition and is also the material of the frame of SHT's coffins upholstered in fabric.

SHT's urns offer a variety of materials, colors and designs. The most used material is wood, but upholstered and ceramic urns are also popular. The urns are of a decaying kind.

The full range of coffins and urns can be found on SHT's website. We will be happy to help you with questions related to the selection of the coffin or urn.