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Rely on the help of an experienced professional and contact our funeral home.

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Funeral Home Huhta & Finne provides a comprehensive funeral service in Vaasa. Founded in 1983, the company assists with all practical arrangements related to burials. When death affects you or your loved ones, count on the help of an experienced professional.

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Founded in 1983, Huhta Funeral Home has accumulated solid experience in funeral arrangements over the decades. Take a closer look at our company.

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Our funeral home serves customers on weekdays at our premises in the center of Vaasa. In the evenings and at weekends you can reach us by phone.

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Versatile services

Through us, you get, among other things, high-quality coffins and urns, catering for the memorial service, funeral flowers and individually designed tombstones.

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Funeral guide for close ones

Has your loved one perished and you don’t know where to start? Have a look at our funeral guide and ask our funeral home staff for more information.

We will take care of the funeral arrangements according to your wishes

Funeral Home Huhta & Finne is a traditional funeral home with modern services. We handle

the funeral arrangements as a whole, reliably and professionally, from coffins and urns to tombstones, flowers and commemorations.

There is no ready-made formula for a funeral, but your wishes and views serve as the basis
for planning. A well-organized funeral will be a lasting memory in the minds of relatives.

If funeral matters are topical to you, call and tell us about your needs. You can call us around the clock and around the week. We also serve on weekends and evenings as needed.

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A competent funeral home at your service

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We provide reliable service

Personalised customer service and reliability are of paramount importance to us. We respect the beliefs of each of our clients. We are bound by professional secrecy in matters entrusted to us.

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We provide comprehensive services

Through us, you get all funeral-related services under one roof at once.

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We create individual tombstones

We take care of the design and implementation of the tombstones from start to finish according to your wishes.